Team of project managers and planners specializing on retail space planning for concessions in Airports, with past projects in 15 countries serviced with offices and associates based locally.

Our professionals are equipped with extensive industry careers and have wide experience in conducting senior level concession planning & project implementation assignments.

We have deep knowledge of Airports in Asia and experience from a broad range of Categories and currently retained by Clients with Global outreach.


Pre Tender survey & analysis . feasibility report, preliminary yield on space distribution studies


Development of concept Brief


Concept Design


Categories and merchandising programming


Architectural & Technical schematics


Projects Management


Brands management


Procurement & Costs Management


TravelRetail Expansion Programs

TSP participates in travel retail programs in Asia, and covers the entire spectrum, from concept development to schematics and rollouts.

With TSP as a partner, not only can operators expect significant project commitments, they benefit also from the relationship with one of this region‘s leading project management practitioners. Access to a large regional network of top store design,project management and construction specialists which in today’s rapid growth environment is a valuable feature. Duty Free operators and brand Owners can leverage on this for their advantage. Furthermore, TSP commonly supports its assignments by determining strategic design and effective interpretation programs when implementing each individual project assignment.


Programs Profile

TSP manages in project development program across Asia, both in the developed 1st Tier and the secondary 2nd Tier retail programs, classified by mppas. In addition, TSP is also active in the area of co-design management for developments in Asia, whereby TSP develop schematics alongside Lead Designers/Architects based in US, Europe or any Oceania region.


Primary markets project assignments

The management strategy is to find and select only the best projects to manage. In doing so, TSP project professionals seek out the best project managers in each of the relevant markets and screen successful project managers every year. Those managers who meet and share our management criteria are then subjected to a comprehensive assessment and selection process. TSP typically manage projects which are founded by global operators who by their own standard  and benchmarks demands above-average results, and in most cases are intolerant to any standards less than “perfectly satisfactory“.

Key criteria used in selecting project managers include:

• attributes of a high-performing indiviidual with wide-ranging specialist experience,

• a very strong knowledge and understanding of target market,

• an excellent track record, proven through successful project completion from previous projects undertaken and

• capable of developing a strategy and managing project size which is in commensurate with the team capacity and ability to deliver and develope projects in full from design to fruition consistent with intent .

With its office in Asia, TSP participates in projects worldwide with a focus on Airports and travel retail sector.


Secondary market projects

Thanks to our broad market penetration and significant portfolio, TSP is in a position to respond quickly and within short timeframe to projects in the secondary market. Our position as a respected primary project manager and the close business relationships that TSP maintains with numerous Travel retail Operators are greatly beneficial when realizing projects investments within secondary objectives.

TSP has access to the necessary resources which enable TSP to manage secondary market projects at a global level, and if required, to support as Client’s sole Technical representative.



TSP considers co-management opportunities when Clients houses their own design & technical team. TSP does not act as a lead project in these projects; rather, it participates as a project manager alongside Clients‘ Commercial,Design & Technical Team. With this approach, TSP implements a rigorous but detailed schematic development process which guarantees fast, accurate feedback. Beyond their dedicated project management expertise TSP indirect & project managers call on many years of relevant experience also in the direct management projects. The networks of both our indirect project managers are, naturally, also available to the Client’s in house  involved.

TSP participates in co-managements with excellent results across Asia.

In-house expertise

 TSP specialists for indirect project managements work from offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore. While each office and team has a regional focus, the team also works together on a variety of projects. The broad geographic diversification with local expertise and project management team brings many years of experience in areas such as consulting, direct management, procurement, due diligence and structuring, along with a highly specialized in-house technical team help to guarantee the highest possible level of relevant expertise and process reliability.


Projects focus

• Primary and secondary market, and co-management of Projects on a regional basis with a focus on Asia

• Travel retail and retail opportunities in all size segments, selective interest on airports in Asia

• Project investment per project of EUR 1m - 10m

• On-going interest in building relationships with new travel retail operators,


concept development



about us



Our opinion on liquor

In 2003 , Hill was invited by Duty Free Asia to express his opinion on liquor when walk throughs were the rave  of a new wave to engage the discerning travelers in the Far East.

Hong Kong


Sky Plaza was conceived to prepare for the perceived  influx of mainland Chinese, TSP managed and  assist in securing 15 000 sq ft concessions.



Client had strong and lasting relation with the Airport Authorities of Cambodia.TSP re-configured the whole Departure lounge of both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Shanghai HongQiao

With the anticipated increase in traffic both in International and Domestic travel, Pudong International Airport is well below capacity to handle  Hongqiao International Airport  was the solution.

TSP was appointed Project Manager to manage over 55000 sq ft over the course of  the Airport, departure, transit and arrival.




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